Mosquito Controll

Mosquito Controll

Af Kyuseok Lee

  • Udgivelsesdato: 2018-07-28
  • Nuværende version: 1.3
  • Bedømmelse: 4+
  • Filstørrelse: 24.87 MB
  • Udgiver: Kyuseok Lee
  • Kompatibilitet: Kræver iOS 10.0 eller senere.


Mosquito repellent using the frequency of male wings This is an app that can kill mosquitoes, mosquitoes, and sea mosquitoes in places. A female mosquito that sucks human blood has a habit of instinctively avoiding male mosquitoes. You can eliminate female mosquitoes by using the frequency sound generated when the male mosquitoes fly their wings. Male mosquito It is a very effective way to drive a female mosquito out of its wings. CAUTION: A loud sound can cause equipment / hearing damage with only one short exposure. Always lower the audio system level to an appropriate level before playing the sound file. Example of Domestic Frequency Mosquito Elimination: 1) Case 1 According to the results of Prof. Lee Dong-gyu, professor of health sciences at Kosin University, it has been confirmed that the method of using airborne sound of male mosquitoes is about 33% effective in clinical trials. 2) Case 2 The device, developed by Jang Soon-sik, the head of the anti-gang section of the Gangnam District Office, generates ultrasonic waves of 42,000 Hz, which is higher than the swallowing sound of male mosquitos, about 12,000 Hz, The bubbles that occur when the water is vortexed 42,000 times per second touch the body of the beetle and kill it like a bomb. When installed in a septic tank or house fix, it showed an amazing ability to kill more than 95% of the insect worms.